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About Us
Temporary Emergency Cooling

One of the largest temporary emergency cooling "One Stop AC Shop" for commercial, industrial, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and special event requirements. Not only are we a contractor that does temporary and emergency AC rentals we also build, install and maintain your equipment.

TEM is fully staffed 24/7 to serve you whether it's a planned cooling project or
an emergency cooling. We take pride in our work and customer service. TEM is prepared to respond to your cooling emergency needs, or long-term project requirements.

We evaluate the temporary air conditioning, cooling and heating needs of our clients and recommend the best, most cost effective solutions to exactly meet their temporary air conditioning requirements. 


TEM provides solutions with temporary equipment, on a rental/lease basis, to end users and contractors for use in air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

We treat you our customer as our Number One priority and never overlook our commitment to Quality in selecting and designing equipment for providing rapid installation, as well as reliability.

We strongly believe companies are only as good as their people. We are dedicated to providing our employees with a good wage, healthy environment, safe working conditions, and the opportunity for training and advancement within the company.

To grow the business and care for our employees, we must make a profit and a return on investment from the services and supplies we provide. We do this by treating everyone who does business with us as a partner.

TEM takes great pride in the knowledge that our customers have been provided with excellent equipment for temporary use complemented with complete support of the equipment while in the service of our clients.

Since 1985-Total Environmental Management (TEM) an Air Conditioning Rental Equipment Company.

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We are The Temporary Air Conditioning and Cooling company in Southern California, serving the area since 1985.

Service Area

Serving California, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Kern, Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo, Imperial County, Sacramento, San Francisco and Las Vegas.
  • Portable Air Conditioning Industrial & Commercial
  • Temporary Cooling Towers from 100 T to 2,000 T
  • Portable Chillers fro 20 t to more than 2,000 T
  • Air Handlers from 5 T to 300 T
  • Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
  • Emergency Packaged HVAC units 7.5 T to 25 T
  • Cooling Rental Equipment Industrial, Commercial
  • Trailer Mounted-Water Coolers & Cooling Towers
  • Event Outdoor Air Conditioning
  • Spot Cooling Units 1 T (ton) to 5 T (ton)

To fully understand what TEM is, it is helpful to understand what TEM is not:

We are not a traditional mechanical contractor, although we do hold a contractor’s license.  We do not install new HVAC systems or components.  We are not in the business of retrofitting existing HVAC systems.  Rather than being competitors, we are partners to mechanical contractors, assisting where temporary HVAC applications exist.

We are not a new or used air conditioning equipment provider.  We do not sell HVAC systems or components – either new or used.  TEM is perfectly positioned to assist OEM HVAC providers as they endeavor to sell their products.

We are not an HVAC service company.  While our technicians maintain and service all of the equipment in our rental inventory, we do not provide labor service for any other equipment.  We do not compete with HVAC service companies.  We do compliment and assist these service companies in providing a more complete offer to end users.

TEM is not a general equipment rental company.  We don’t rent backhoes, air compressors, forklifts, tools, etc. Except in those rare cases where a generator might be required to support our furnished equipment, TEM does not rent generators.

We are not a general equipment rental company that also rents HVAC equipment.

We are not a generator rental company that also provides rentals of HVAC equipment.

We are not a mechanical contractor that sometimes rents old, worn out, used equipment that they removed from a construction project.

TEM is an Air Conditioning Rental Equipment Company.  Since 1985, our heritage, our experience, our expertise, our soul has been firmly grounded in the HVAC and Refrigeration Industries. For 20 years, we have been the problem solvers for those who need assistance with their temporary cooling requirements.  It is all we do.  That is why TEM is truly unique in our field.  That is why we enjoy an outstanding reputation within our service area and why we are blessed with ongoing, repeat business from an excellent client base.

TEM - Is Your # 1 Source for Emergency-Temporary Air Conditioning Rental Requirements