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Movie Studio Air Conditioning
Temporary–Portable Cooling Experts

Regardless of the size of your Movie Studio & Film Set Production location cooling requirements, TEM has exactly the perfect temporary portable air conditioning equipment to fulfill your requirements. 

  • Planning for a location film or movie set stage production at a facility that does not have an Air Conditioning System?TV and Movie set film studio on location ac cooling & air conditioning for movie studios, movie stage, and all event cooling rental requests
  • Going to be on film set or movie set location for only a few days? Need portable air conditioning?
  • Temporary cooling needed to cool a tent structure that will house your support staff?
  • Portable air conditioning needed to shoot a commercial in an aircraft hanger?
  • Cooling for the high school gym event that overheats because of the additional lighting?

Small cooling rental event – we can offer spot coolers from 1 TR (ton) to 5 TR (tons).  These units are easily rolled into place and started up almost immediately on your movie set or stage.

Larger cooling rental event – Our inventory includes packaged Air Conditioning Units from 7.5 TR (tons) to 25 TR (tons).  In some cases, you may determine that the best solution for your application is several packaged Air Conditioning Units.  We can furnish the necessary flexible ductwork and temporary power cable for any movie studio cooling application.

Very large cooling rental project – Most large cooling movie set projects are most easily handled by a combination of a Chiller Trailer and multiple chilled water coil Air Handling Units.  All necessary flexible hose, ductwork and power cable are available.  Need a “kill” switch to silence the equipment during shooting sequences?  We can provide all necessary production controls for your temporary portable air conditioning on the project.

TEM, your # 1 Source for on Location TV, Movie Studio, Film Set Stage Sets and Event Rental Air Conditioning and Cooling in California (CA) and Los Vegas